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If I had to summarize I would say I am a passionate woman who loves to live new experiences and live my life intensely.

I have balanced my professional career and my life as a companion since I finished my degree related with marketing and communication. Both of them are very important to me as both of them give me things I consider essential in my life. The first one gives me goals and challenges where I have to demonstrate my skills, it teaches me how to fight the real world and help me to develop my career. The other one gives me wonderful experiences with amazing people, it gives me the opportunity to explore and enjoy my sexuality and also gives me that part of mystery and excitement I consider essential in my life.

I am a lively and funny woman with a variety of hobbies who needs to put herself in front of new challenges and projects. I love reading, I read all kind of books. In my library there are books about UFOS and human evolution, thrillers, historic novels, some of those books which make us wonder where is the line between romanticism and pornography, books about economy, marketing, astrology, ancient history...

Born in Madrid, I spent one year of my live living in London and I have traveled to different countries. Although I love my city I would consider to spend another year abroad if a good opportunity comes up, but it has to be somewhere with sun and good weather as I am definitely a summer girl.

I am a feminine woman who loves lingerie and high hells. I enjoy choosing perfumes, and bracelets are one of my weakness. I consider myself an elegant woman who appreciates discretion in every aspect of my life, especially in this one. Discretion is basic for both os us.

I do not have extravagant tastes. I like to enjoy gastronomy, a good glass of wine and a good talking. I love art, pictorial is my favorite and although I do not fully understand modern art I get passionate about any Impressionist art work. I like to spend time with handcrafts, painting, restoring small old objects (well, at least I try it) and there are a couple of novels in progress in my laptop.

Life is a journey and what really matters is to enjoy the journey more than the destination. We can change the destination whenever we want but the experiences we live going there is what fulfill our lives and make it worthy. I have always look at life as a bunch of experiences and it is also the way I look at my dates. Every date is a new exciting experience just for us to enjoy.

Let´s enjoy the journey and let our paths cross.