I like spontaneity in my life as I like it in my dates. It is important for both of us to relax and enjoy the experience so we need some time for talking and breaking the ice until we feel relaxed together. I do not like making things in a hurry as they diminish spontaneity and part of the "magic" is lost. I want to show you the best of me and time is required for this. In my personal opinion, 2 hours is the minimum we should be together to get what we are really looking for.

My perfect date starts with a dinner. Breaking the ice in a table sharing some laughs and enjoying gastronomy and a glass of good wine is the best scene previous to another more intimate pleasures.

I balance other aspects of my life with my life as an escort so my availability is reduced. As a general rule, dates will have to be after work hours (7 pm) and I am rarely available for last minute dates so we must arrange our date at least 24 hours in advance.

Our encounter will have to be in your hotel as I do not have an incall. If you do need some help choosing your hotel, please ask me as I know Madrid hotels well and also some perfect hotels rented by hours perfect for our encounter. 


My rates are not negotiable, please be a gentleman and do not try to negotiate them.


One hour together

400 €


Two hours together 

600 €


Four hours together

Note: All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time

1000 €


Lunch or dinner + 1.5 hours 

Note: All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time

700 €


Let´s spend the night together so we can forget about the clock.

Note: All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time

1.500 €


Ask me if you want me to visit your city.

Ask me


Ask me if what you have on mind does not fit with these dates.

Ask me


Surprise me with a Gift Card

Spoil me with something special in our date