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Human beings are curious by nature. How many times we think about someone and we would love to see what that someone is doing in that very moment? In this social media world is almost imposible to know what is true and what is just for show. Instagram, twitter... full of perfect pictured lives: perfect meals, perfect outfits, perfect trips. But we all know real life is not perfect, and there is no better way to know someone in reality than seeing how he/she behaves at home. Inside the intimacy of his/her own space.

With that thought I am writing this post, a mix between words and pics as a way to undress me a little bit more. What do I behave when I am at home?

I am that kind of person who don´t like to be "dressed" at home and unless I have visits, I always wear something confortable: old shirts, dressing gowns... And bras, of course, are forbidden inside the 4 walls of my apartment.

I like to entertain myself in very different ways: reading a good (or just a funny one), submerging myself in a hot bath, pouring myself a glass of wine while I listen to music, letting my creativity fly with a paint brush, baking delicious cakes, or even doing pilates! No one like me is able to get so much for the few meters of my home! And of course, I also watch tv, I don´t pretend to be an intelectual that just read or paint :)

Inside our homes we show who we are in reality. We don´t need to pretend, we can just be ourself. And although I am not going to show you an ugly pic (sorry guys, my ego is strong ;) ) I consider myself a natural woman who still enjoys the simplicity of being quiet at home.