Escort GFE Madrid



I know, it´s been a while since the last time I´ve been here. I have no excuses, I've been busy with my life and focus in other projects. You know I love to involve myself in different projects and as this one is already well set, I spend less time and effort working on it than in the new ones.

I´ve started an amazing project recently that take almost all the time left after my civilian job, escort dates and family and friends. I´d love to tell you more about it but you know, discretion is a must!

But I don´t forget you so here I come with good news, I am preparing a new photoshoot. Spring is here (finally) and I´d like to prepare something fresh and colorful for this session. I have nothing planned yet, all hard work is coming: looking for a venue, for outfits, etc. but I hope it does not take me more than a month.

Keep an eye on my blog, I have some ideas on mind...