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Today I come with good and bad news.

Today I come with good and bad news.

Bad new: Some work issues came up and I have to postpone my trip to Paris. It is not cancellation so I want to be there at the end of April. I will keep you informed of my travel plans.

Good news: I have a new website, and this website comes with surprises!! First surprise, my blog will be under the same domain. Until today I have a domain for my website and a blogger domain for my blog, since now, my blog will be under my own domain.

And, the second surprise and probably the one you like more, I will try to write posts also in English. I can not promise you the quality and the quantity will be the same as my Spanish posts but I will try my best. If you speak another language you will know that it is almost impossible to express yourself the same way you do in your mother tongue, so I will translate the most interesting posts or the posts that contain information you would like to know: travels, availability, etc.

And please, fell free to correct me or help me if I make some grammar mistakes o expression mistakes, that is the best way to learn.


Alejandra ;)