Escort GFE Madrid



I do not travel so much, my civil job does not give me time for traveling but I have planned two short trips during the following months.

I need to breath different airs, I want to know new places and, the most important, I want to live new adventures.

My first destination is a city I know well, a city where I have good friends and I have already lived fantastic adventures and experiences.

Barcelona, the city where I would live if I would not live in Madrid. Home of good friends, great restaurants and that special touch the sea gives to the cities.

I will be in Barcelona a couple of days, 21, 22 and 23 of April. I know it is a short time but is all I have.

My next destination is Paris. I have never been there, unbelievable, I know. After changing my plans the last month due to job duties, Paris is still on my mind and I want to be there in May.

I have not dates yet but hopefully I will have them the next week.

Well, these are my travel plans for the following months. If you have also planned to be there at the same time and you want to meet me there, write me so we can talk about it.


Alejandra ;)